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So the donate code wasn’t showing up on the live site. I fixed it then got two donations through, one from anon and one from J (hasn’t specified a name to use).

Sufficed to say, this was incredibly shocking and welcome, after a long period of me pointing out a non-existent donate button, I felt like an ass >.> so thanks tumblr.

Blade Play 53 was sent out for translation, Maken-Ki! Vol 11 is started and once the money is in the bank, I’ll be ordering Maken 1 - 8.

That’s about it, thanks again to Anon and J!

Blade Play Chapter 52 - Released.

Download Here.

TL;DR - No donations means I can’t do this full time and I need to focus on working so I can do things like eat. I’ll be using my off time on Maken-Ki! Vol 11.

Here we are, another chapter of Blade Play. It’s a decent one, but story > tits atm so not much in the way of ecchi. In other news, I’ll be saving over the coming months so order Maken-Ki! Vol 1 - 9, and perhaps some kenichi. I want to start fresh on Maken so I have my own personal quality scans and not the online stuff I did. Food takes precedent though, so most money I earn will be going towards essentials, the donate button is on the front page as usual if you’d like to help get these started sooner, but otherwise, it’ll be in the coming months.

That’s bout it, enjoy the new chapter!

Small Update

So I fixed the link for 51. Please, please email me directly at DeathsUncleBob@hotmail.com with the subject title starting with Oppai-Scans or something, Tumblr does fuck all to let me know when you guys are trying to contact me.

In other news, caught the flu, and this sucks, so I’m working on a 4 hour sleep day for this and possible the next week, progress on getting Maken-Ki! 11 started might be slow. Martos is also out of action for a week so things are going to turtle for the week.

That’s bout it tbh, I have payments needed to take care of so in the coming month, that might take precident over working on stuff unfortunately, but donations dried up so not much I can do other than scrounge up what I can.

Catch y’all later.

HSD Kenichi Volume 01 - Released

Been a long time in the making, and with Martos we’ve managed to finally finish Volume 1.

Download Here or on the HSDK page. Thet’s working on the next BP which Martos will typeset, and in the meantime I’ll be prepping Maken-Ki! Vol 11 to work on.

At my mates from Friday so Monday is when I’ll be back, enjoy the Volume!

Pushing Back

the release for Kenichi, my week just filled up immediately and I’ve got 3 chapters to typeset (with Martos that’s 4 I need to QC fully) so I’m pushing the release to around Sunday so I can comfortably do irl things as well as this.

Sorry :/

Mega link for blade play chapter 51 seems to be down or wrong. Just thought I'd alert you. -a follower

Asked by

Tested the link, worked fine, downloaded and unrared on my end without a problem.

What exactly happens your end?

Updates and Stuff

So I’m quitting WoW, the guild I’m in already has a priest healer and I’m not re-gearing shadow nor finding a new one, so I’m taking a break before the new expansion.

This means a lot more work on this area. I’m planning a Monday release of Kenichi Volume 1, if Martos has finished his chapter that is. I myself have two to typeset but I’m doing them tonight.

After, I’ll be doing Volume 2 and 3 of Blade Play, purchasing Maken-Ki! 1- 8, Gantz 4 and 5 and Kenichi 4 and 5. This ensures I have plenty to work with over the coming months, and I’m going to try and schedule a 10 am - 4 pm working day. Since I can get a chapter done in around 35 minutes, depending on page amount, the main brunt of work for me is Typesetting. I’m anal as fuck about cleaning quality so I doubt I’ll be recruiting a cleaner, but if you have typesetting experience or QC / Proof experience, contact me at DeathsUncleBob@hotmail.com

That’s about it, thet’s working on the next BP chapter so we have a lot to look forward to here.

As always, donations greatly help but are completely optional. Honestly, if I won the lottery or something I’d take this legit and full time but I just don’t have the funds for that, licensing costs shit tons :/


Update - I’m a tired motherfucker. In my PSD folder where I archive the .psd for safekeeping, I moved 5 pages from the chapter into it by accident. I’ve re-uploded the file, all should be well now.

Blade Play 50 Re-Up & Kenichi Chapter 3.

Fuck me, tumblr inbox does not email me nor does it pop up letting me know while I’m on the side. This might’ve been a problem for a while, so I recommend you email at DeathsUncleBob@hotmail.com and say “hey fuckwit, chapter 50, fix it dumbass” or something because I can’t see shit on tumblr.

I’m terribly sorry for this, and it’s a testament to how tired I am when I do this shit :/

It’s not all bad though. 50 is up and done, grab it here.

Kenichi Chapter 3 is done, Martos’s first major release with the group, grab it here.

So please, for the love of god, email me and tell me I fucked up, don’t bother with tumblr, I’m likely to not see it.

Blade Play - Chapter 51 Released.

Firstly. ^

Secondly, sorry for the lateness on this, so to make up for it, today will be two chapters, kenichi will be later so I can fully QC it. It’s 3:31 am and I can’t do it now.

Blade Play - Chapter 51

Real life took precedent for both my and Martos, so we had to hold off on working on the chapters unfortunately, but I hope you enjoy the new Blade Play.

(I’ve also updated kenichi with the previous chapters, hope to have Vol 1 out soon.)

Inactivity, Oh Noes!

Misleading title, I’m not going to inactivity, I’ve just been busy irl to post.

Martos lost some work, so he’s re-doing the kenichi chapter, and thet is still busy irl. I took this time to get things in order with personal stuff, but I’m going to crack open Maken-Ki! 11 and get started on that.

This way we can have 3 series running at the same time and hopefully get some stable releases going.

I’ll be cleaning the first chapter in 11 tongiht and hopefully working on typesetting over the next 2 days so expect a release soon.

That’s about it, tl:dr - work lost, busy, work resumed, should be soon.