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So I dun goofed and missed 33 - 36, the new typesetter, Martos. Welcome!

He’ll be doing most of the typesetting work, but probably will share out the amount we have here. He pointed out the non edited pages, so as a first go, he’ll be re-doing them and I’ll re-release the chapter.

Sorry for the fuck up :/

In other news, we’ll be finishing off Kenichi Vol 1 (we aren’t stopping Blade Play) then either moving on or sticking with, dunno yet, just expect more releases now :D

That’s about it, I’ll be cleaning BP 51 for thet to translate then release the next kenichi chapter. Laters.

Update - Uploaded, I caught another page I missed some typsetting on so this one is now pretty perfect. (I should not typset when tired :/ )

Blade Play Volume 7, Chapter 50 - Release.

Too long, can’t be fucked - Download

Firstly, sorry. I seriously had to take a break from this, or I was going to wash my hands with it. The amount of work I have daunted the shit out of me. I’m cool now and really enjoyed typesetting this, so I’ve set myself an hour (maybe two) a day of getting some stuff done.

That being said, I could use some help. If you’re a good typesetter or experienced cleaner / redrawer. For real.

That’s about it, enjoy the chapter.

RE: What happened to page 15 of chapter 6? All the bubbles are completely blank. Maken-Ki! Volume 02 Datei: makenki 02_0012

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Noted, thanks for letting me know.

I’ll fix the page and re-upload the Volume.


We had a death in the family and the funeral hit home pretty hard, so I haven’t had the energy or drive to do anything lately.

Thet’s busy as well, so scripting for Blade Play might slow down somewhat.

I’m back in the game though, and figured I’d start with something I’ve put off, the Maken-Ki! Full Colour volumes. Note, these won’t be new chapters or anything, just coloured.

Below is a test image, I need some feedback. Without over blurrings or cleaning, this is the best I can get for colour pages. Let me know if y’all are happy with this quality. Naturally the result is a much, MUCH larger file size, and there’s spots where I either leave or manually clean (upping the time by shit tons). So drop a tumblr mail or email (discus doesn’t want to work) letting me know. I can always focus on Kenichi, Gantz or Vol 11 of Maken-Ki!


As always, donations are greatly appreciated but not required.


So I got Vol 11 and 12 of Maken-Ki! debound, I have plans on getting the second colour vol of that as well as the other two Gantz debound.

I’m cleaning the next BP chapter to send off to thet this week, after that I’ll start work on a colour vol of maken-ki! before starting vol 11.

That’s about it, got a tattoo, might post a pic when it’s healed a bit. Later.

Site Opening + Blade Play Vol 7. Cht 49!

Morning everyone!

So the site’s official open here and with it comes the first chapter in the new Blade Play Volume 7. I’ll be uploading the rest of Maken-Ki! and getting Gantz scanned in tonight, as well as debinding Maken-Ki! Volume 11 and 12. Busy day ahead.

Just something to note;

1. There are 2 instances of Redrawing I left out. I may or may not do this for all chapters, and get them all redrawn for the Volume release. Either way, the ones in this chapter WILL be done for the Vol release so don’t worry.

2. I set up a makeshift recruitment page. Those interested, give it a read.

That’s about it. You can download the chapter here or you can head to the Blade Play page. Enjoy!

Pre-Release Updates - 31/5/14

Hey everyone. Hope things are well.

In regards to the site, things are looking up, I forgot how easy and damn good editing on Tumblr was. Pages are up, and I’ve kept it all at a minimum for load times, no fancy stuff, just links to downloads.

As for downloads, currently all of Blade Play is up and 4 Volumes of Maken-Ki! are up. I’m currently uploading Vol 5 - 10 of Maken-Ki! but I get around 30 - 40KB/s upload speed, so it’s about 1 hour for 125MB, it may take longer than the weekend since I have to take into consideration that other people will need the connection.

Chapter 49 of the new Blade Play Volume should (more than likely WILL) be out on Monday so there’s that.

Catch you all later,


Update - Fixed the pages. Something to do with copy pasta. Had to manually type in descriptions. That was a fun way to spend 5 minutes.

Thanks for the updates, bud. Real life obligations take priority and I know I speak for everyone else when I say I appreciate the time you invest in this. Take your time and looking forward to the reopening!

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Cheers mate, I don’t hear that as often as I’d like and it keeps me going.

Spending this weekend getting the site back up and Monday should have the first chapter of the new Blade Play Volume.

Thanks again mate.

If you were to recruit someone how would the working schedule be? I'm interested in helping but of course we all have our own time constraints so I'm interested in your opinion

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Hey mate. Sorry if this is a seriously late reply, after moving to Yola I didn’t check the tumblr at all.

I’m currently looking for (and will make a page about it) cleaners and typesetters. There’s no real schedules, what work I’ll give is do when you have the time sort of deal, with a 2 week maximum amount though, gotta get something out at least.

Tune in to the site on Monday (29th May, 2014), there’ll be a page up about it.